Оf foreign exchange, but also equal risky assets. It is expected that a correction is expected – the whole question is when exactly it will begin.

There are two options

First, the price has already exceeded several local highs, which were observed on January 13 ($44.5 thousand), February 10 ($ 45 thousand) and March 2 ($45.3 thousand), which means that the correction can begin now, since there are already forces for another downward hike. The listed false ones served as turning points, from the frequency of occurrence of quotes that were noted and going south, and the new diagnosis diagnosed above is the identification of a springboard for development towards $ 30 thousand. The second option is a movement towards the $49 level, which is an observed phenomenon of attraction of thousands and the beginning of a downward movement from there.

There are still no drivers for the rapid growth of quotations. From geopolitical acuteness to uncertainty regarding the recovery of the global economy. It is likely that market participants are simply tired of a prolonged negative case, but this is not the case when autosuggestion is able to detect a change in the balance of forces once.